October 2007


Bermuda Wrap-Up

Bermuda 2007 ... Pink Sand and CE in Hand

Review's summer conferences are increasing in popularity--for good reason.

Ophthalmic Lenses

Wavefront Beyond Refractive Surgery

Ophthalmic lenses offer a non-invasive, less expensive way to address higher-order aberrations.

Patient Care

Uveitis: Modern Therapeutic Strategies

Focus your treatment of uveitis on managing ocular inflammation while treating any underlying systemic causes.

Case Studies in Neuro Disease

Here are four neuro cases that you might encounter in your clinical practice. Would you know what to do if these patients appeared in your chair?

Practice Management

The Optometrist's EMR Advantage

Electronic records make an immediate impact in your practice by improving efficiency as well as patient care.

Make New Technology a Part of Your Routine

Now that the new instrument is yours, you have to figure out how to integrate it into your practice without disrupting the entire office.

Special Feature

Through the Eyes of an Artist

Impressionists are known for their brush strokes and 'splashes of color.' But, are these simply the result of uncorrected vision problems?



It IS Easy Bein' Greet

Being environmentally friendly is as easy as hugging a tree. You can start by recycling. I’ll do my part by recycling this six-pack right here. (Burp!)

Clinical Quandaries

IOP Rise from Outside the Eyes

If a patient presents with sudden unexplained ocular hypertension, consider the rare possibility of IOP rise from dermatologic steroid cream.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Protect Patients Against AK

Patient hygiene, compliance, and lens wear and care modalities all play a role in protecting patients from Acanthamoeba.

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

News Review

Alaska TPA Law OK'd After Long, Cold Start

Alaska O.D.s can now prescribe most oral and injectable ophthalmic drugs.

The Fine Art of Optometry

Many of the world’s greatest Impressionist artists suffered from severe ocular diseases that heavily influenced their works of art.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Her Sight Is Not Crystal Clear

A 55-year-old patient reported gradual vision loss in her right eye. Examination revealed the presence of white spots surrounding the macula.

Therapeutic Review

A Bloody Challenging Situation

Three factors affect the management of hyphema: inflammation, IOP and secondary hemorrhage.