September 15, 2006



The Genetics of Glaucoma

The discovery of glaucoma genes and the proteins they produce aids in understanding the pathophysiology of this complex group of diseases.

Patient Care

The Myopia Debate: Nature vs. Nurture

Researchers broadly categorize potential causes of myopia and myopia progression into two theories. Evidence exists for and against each one.

The Obesity Epidemic: A New Role for O.D.s?

Obesity has serious ocular and systemic implications. That means you need to do more to educate this group of patients

Practice Management

To Keep Patients Happy, Keep Lenses In-House

An in-office finishing lab is not just for your patients’ convenience. It can help keep a lid on the skyrocketing cost of optometric practice.

Make a Spectacle Of Yourself

Here are five steps to ensure that your patients don’t walk out of your practice with their prescriptions.

Practice Transitions

Practice Transitions Series Part III: Finding a Niche

Once over the hump of the first few years, optometrists go the extra mile to grow their reputations and their practices.



One Moment in Time

How can you make your long, boring days more enjoyable? Live in the moment. This moment. No, wait, this moment. Now … this moment.

Clinical Quandaries

A Multifocal IOL in the Mix

Patients who receive multifocal implants need a thorough discussion of their options. You should know about how these devices are paid for.

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


Handle Touchy Subjects with Care

Patients can get very defensive about their lifestyle choices, so choose your words carefully.

Product Review

Therapeutic Review

The Pregnant Glaucoma Patient

Here, we demystify the safety of glaucoma treatment in this uncommon situation.