September 15, 2010


Income Survey

Income Survey: More Work, Less Money

The average O.D.’s salary is down $21,000 since 2007. But many believe the worst is over and better days are ahead.

In-Office Lab Report

The Latest in In-Office Lab Technology

Now, it’s easier than ever to set up an in-office lab. But, to really do it well, you need the right equipment. Here’s a selection of some of the newest product offerings.

Patient Care

Off-Label: Technically Unproven, But Not Out of Bounds

Optometrists routinely prescribe myriad drugs off-label—just be sure you are following the proper standard of care.

Practice Management

How to Thwart Theft

If you think your office isn’t an easy target for burglars, think again. Glasses are easy to steal and easy to sell. Know how to reduce your risk.

Special Report

The Lowdown on High-Tech Lenses

Spectacle lenses—and the technology used to measure and create them—are ever improving to provide your patients with better vision.


How to Make a BIG Impact on a Small Budget

From digital cameras to used equipment, many cost-saving options are available for today’s optometry practices.



Kiss My App!

No matter what you need these days, there’s an app for that. Now, I just need to figure out which app to use to actually make a phone call.

Clinical Quandaries

A Category 5 Catastrophe

Is it benign inflammation or a ‘perfect storm’ of endophthalmitis? To find out, examine the vitreous.

Coding Connection

Coding for Patients with Diabetes

Diabetes, more so than other systemic diseases, puts O.D.s at the forefront of primary care.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

And You Call Yourself a ‘Specialist?’

News Review


Do More for Kids With Diabetes

We’re learning a lot about the growing problem of diabetes in kids. But how much more could we help if we spent a little more time listening to kids instead of just talking amongst ourselves?

Retina Quiz

Did Lesion Reduce VA?

This patient with peculiar retinal changes complained of decreased vision O.D. Are these findings to blame, or does she simply need a new Rx?

Review of Systems

Neoplastic Disease: Part I

Optometrists can improve—and save—lives by recognizing neoplasms in ocular tissues.

Therapeutic Review


Should we rethink the interval of follow-up visits for patients with glaucoma?