September 2008


Case Report

'Welder's Flash' in a Lab Rat?

A patient presents with what looks like UV keratitis, but does not know its etiology. Without confirmation by the patient’s history, how should you initiate treatment?

Income Survey

Net Income Is Flat, Yet Spirits Are High

The poor economy is like the rain; it falls on everyone’s shoulders. Still, optometrists are getting by, and most are fine with that.

In-Office Lab Report

Behind the Scenes in an In-Office Lab

An inside look at what goes into your lab equipment to help it run smoothly—and, what you can do when it doesn’t.

Patient Care

Back to the Basics, Part 5: My Patient has an RAPD! Now What?

A relative afferent pupillary defect can be an ominous exam finding. These cases illustrate the proper steps to take in managing your patients.

Practice Management

Upgrade to the Medical Model

Do you want to take your practice from refraction to medical care? Here’s how.



Practice Made Perfect

How can you make your practice perfect? Hire an expert. How do you find one? Check the classified ads in MAD magazine. ‘What—me worry?’

Clinical Quandaries

‘I Got Whacked by Fungal Ulcer’

Weed whacker. Lawn trimmer. String trimmer. Call it what you will, but they’re all grounds for eye injuries and infection.

Coding Connection

Diabetes Complicates Coding

Here are some guidelines to help when coding and billing for patients with diabetes.

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

How to Determine Stability

A glaucoma patient demonstrates post-treatment IOP similar to her pretreatment levels. How can we determine that she is stable?

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


Diabetes Is on the Rise

The condition is more prevalent in the United States than ever before. The facts are staggering—but, you can do something about it.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

A Sexist Condition?

This patient presented with progressive acuity loss in the right eye. The associated ocular condition primarily affects one sex. Can you name it?

Therapeutic Review

Looking at an Old Standby

Lids scrubs have become a reliable standby in our practices. But, how well do they work?