September 2009


Dry Eye

Children and Dry Eye

Kids may often cry, but that doesn’t mean their eyes are never dry.

In-Office Lab Report

The Latest in In-Office Lab Technology

Faster turnaround times, reduced overhead and customizable features may benefit your practice in this economy. Here are the latest advances in technology for your in-office lab.

Patient Care

Put the Squeeze on Meibomian Gland Disease

MGD often responds well to a multi-pronged therapeutic regimen. In various combinations, lid hygiene, nutraceuticals and medication can offer reliable results.

Practice Management

Special Report

Make the Most Out of Your Staff

In an economy like this one, every dollar spent on staff counts. Here's how you can make the most out of your investment by optimizing employees' performance.

How to Market in a Down Economy

Sure, times are tough. But, talk is cheap. Word-of-mouth is among the most effective (and least expensive) forms of marketing. Here are more marketing ideas for hard times.

O.D. Income Takes a Turn for the Worse

On average, optometric income was down by more than 10% in 2008. Still, many O.D.s think the worst is over, and better days are ahead.



IOLs Made Out of Gummi Bears

What are some of the worst inventions in eye care? The excimer laser/cappucino machine? The PAL/PEZ dispenser? You be the judge.

Clinical Quandaries

What to Do About Swine Flu

Get ready. This winter, the H1N1 flu virus (swine flu) will likely arrive earlier––and affect younger people––than the seasonal virus.

Coding Connection

Coding for Diabetes Procedures

As we see more patients with diabetes, we must know how to code for these visits.

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


It's Not Good

Optometric income has taken a nosedive, but this kick in the pants will likely propel many O.D.s into a much brighter future than they might otherwise have enjoyed.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Medical History to Blame?

Is this patient’s blurred vision the result of a medical history significant for hypertension and a right ear canal tumor?

Review of Systems

The Body Goes to War (Part II)

When we prescribe steroids or cyclosporine, we are initiating immunomodulatory therapy. But, how does it work?

Therapeutic Review

Pass the Pilo, Please

If patients with pseudoexfoliative glaucoma take pilocarpine at the right time, they can reap the benefits and avoid the side effects.