December 2008


Annual Presbyopia Report

Find the Perfect Match for Your Presbyopic Patients

When it comes to presbyopia, numerous methods of correction are available.

Presbyopic Lenses: an Evolution or a Revolution?

The first 50 years of presbyopic lenses could be termed an evolution, but the revolution taking place today is nothing short of, well, progressive.

Take the Wavefront View on IOLs

Wavefront technology has helped us to better manage many patients’ refractive error. Now, it can help our presbyopic patients, too.

Multiple Multifocal Lenses Make It Easy

Today’s contact lenses make fitting even your most challenging presbyopic patients simple.

Patient Care

Your Role in the Care of Patients With MS

More than 350,000 Americans have multiple sclerosis, and the prevalence is increasing. Their first stop may be your office.



Give Me Something to Believe In

Times are tough and are getting even tougher. What can we rely on? A little laughter on this page? Don’t count on it. (Hey, wait a minute . . .)

Clinical Quandaries

Comanaging VT After CITT

A new study offers evidence for office-based vision therapy. How does this change comanagement for children with convergence problems?

Coding Connection

2008 Was Tough. What's Next?

With this tumultuous year in the bag, it’s time to start planning for success in 2009.

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


Don't Let the Grinch Steal Christmas

I don’t care what the economists say. I want lots of toys and goodies under my tree.

Retina Quiz

Two Viruses & White Lesions

This patient with HIV and hepatitis C presented with white lesions in each retina. Is this ominous co-infection to blame?

Therapeutic Review

When OTC is Not OK

Over-the-counter cold medications often include the line, “Ask a doctor before use.” So, what do you tell your patients—especially those with glaucoma?