January 15, 2024



The Many Mishaps of the Anterior Segment

The eye’s first line of defense against external threats is often compromised by infection or injury. Systemic conditions frequently also manifest changes here as well.


Eyelid Issues: Lumps, Bumps and Beyond

While these lesions tend to be benign, the wide array of presentations makes assessment tricky. Here’s a visual reference to follow.


The Physical Manifestations of Glaucoma and What They Signify

Understanding the range of structural findings associated with this condition is key to effective management.


Assessing the Optic Nerve

The stakes tend to be high with these conditions, and advanced imaging often plays a decisive role.


Navigate the Retinal Landscape with Confidence

The delicate anatomy here is prone to disruption in countless ways, including systemic and localized disease processes, trauma, congenital malformations, drug reactions and more.



Pick Up the Phone

When a prospective patient calls your office, answer the ringer and be pleasant. It’s not hard.

Clinical Quandaries

Mean Streak

Timely referrals and testing can provide patients who experience these unique retinal anomalies with essential lifelong care.

Diagnostic Quiz

Toxic Relationship

A patient requires ongoing therapy to manage several systemic conditions. Does this make her eyesight vulnerable?


See For Yourself

Sharpen your disease detection skills with a new collection of images, then use it as a springboard to explore our archives.

The Essentials

Know Your Glow

Retroillumination can offer better examination of clear structures like the cornea and lens.

Through My Eyes

New Year, New Start

Add these trends to your list of goals to enhance your practice.

Urgent Care

The Giant in Your Chair

We are our patients’ biggest advocates when it comes to this ophthalmic emergency.

You Be the Judge

When a Routine Choroidal Nevus is Not

The occasional offhand comment about such a finding can prove disastrous if ignored.