July 15, 2014


Annual Glaucoma Report

Tailor Your Approach to PXG Management

Patients with pseudoexfoliative glaucoma often require a more thorough diagnostic work-up and earlier intervention than those with POAG. So how do these conditions differ, and why?

The Changing and Challenging Epidemiology of Glaucoma

As the aging population doubles and minority groups skyrocket, we face increased challenges in tailoring our glaucoma care to each patient.

Plotting the Path of Progression

Our success in managing glaucoma hinges on our ability to recognize—and make sense of—both structural and functional changes.

Clinical Care

Scleritis: When a Red Eye Raises a Red Flag

This painful inflammation is often an indicator of more serious health concerns.



iPhone Refraction? iLove It!

An app that refracts is like having an OD in your pocket—which begs the question: Is that an OD in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Clinical Quandaries

Steroid Adds to the Pressure

This uveitis patient is also a steroid responder. Which problem do you tackle first?

Coding Connection

No More ‘Glaucoma Checks’

Avoid vague, stock phrases in your medical record. Get down to specifics.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Fresh Ink

Corneal tattooing can mask scars and leucoma while improving visual acuity. But how is this technique performed?

Diagnostic Quiz

A 50-50 Split

How would you treat this patient?

News Review

Is Glaucoma a Brain Disease?

New research shows that the brain—not the eye—controls the cellular process that leads to glaucoma.

Omega-3s Suppress CNV

For the first time, omega-3 fatty acids were shown to inhibit choroidal angiogenesis.

Enough ODs, Workforce Study Says

There will be enough ODs—and perhaps an oversupply—into the year 2025.

Eye Disease Costs to Skyrocket by 2050

Costs related to eye disease are expected to skyrocket 376% by 2050.

In the News

The latest industry news.


Rise and Shine

ODs are in prime position to address the growing needs of under-served glaucoma patients, elevating the profession with distinction.

Product Review

Product Review

The latest in industry products.

Retina Quiz

Pale in Comparison

This patient presented with a lifelong history of poor visual acuity in both eyes and abnormally light skin pigmentation.

Review of Systems

The Tangled Web We Weave

Arteriovenous malformations can have widespread effects on the body, including the eye.

Surgical Minute

ASP: Take a Bite Out of RCE

Even Cleopatra would favor this simple, needle-based procedure.

Therapeutic Review

A Hole-in-One?

Is there a role for iridotomy when managing patients with pigmentary glaucoma?