July 2009



Check Out All the Angles

Gonioscopy can be an invaluable diagnostic tool, when used correctly. Here’s an overview of the conditions that gonio helps you diagnose and monitor.

Taking the Pressure Off: Nutrition’s Role in Glaucoma

Here are the facts about what good nutrition and judicious use of supplements can do to lessen your patients’ risk for glaucomatous progression.

Photo Contest

Practice Management

Uncle Sam says: ‘Go Paperless’

The Obama administration aims for a national EHR network by 2014. Here’s what it means to your practice.

Special Report

What Will New Grads Do?

This year’s optometry graduates are looking for private practice, not corporate, according to a new survey. They consider optometry a profession, not a business.

An Interview with ‘Stereo Sue’

Dr. Susan Barry, stereoblind since early infancy, believed that regaining stereovision as an adult was impossible. But vision therapy not only proved it possible, it changed her whole life.



The Signs Are All Around Us

Medical dictionaries define a “sign” as “an indication of the existence of something.” No wonder we fixate on signs: Our very existence is at stake!

Clinical Quandaries

Warning: Corneal Edema Ahead

Several problems cause corneal edema after cataract surgery. No matter what causes it, you should know about it before you see your patient.

Coding Connection

Glaucoma Coding Made Easy

The more you learn about your local codes and guidelines for glaucoma, the easier it is to do.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Acanthamoeba Update

Even though occurrence is decreasing in frequency, make sure you and your patients are still on guard against Acanthamoeba.

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


The Nature of Politics

Is now the right time to be seizing opportunities if it means trampling all over your customers, citizens, members or friends?

Retina Quiz

A Girl With Severe Vision Loss

A young girl presented with severe unilateral vision loss that had persisted for a week. What is the proper diagnosis?

Review of Systems

The Body Goes to War (Part I)

Without treatment, the vast majority of red eyes still get better. Here’s how the body’s immune system does it.

Therapeutic Review

The ‘Other’ Ocular Herpes

Don’t overlook the signs of HZO. Here’s a review of its common—and not so common—presentations.