June 15, 2011


Case Report

Management Strategies for AION

Both AAION and NAION can cause devastating, irreparable visual field loss. Proper patient diagnosis and management are essential to maintain visual function.

Low Vision

Make Low Vision Pay Off

More patients in your practice could benefit from low vision rehab than you probably think.


The Business of Ocular Nutrition

Providing ocular nutrition products at your practice can be very beneficial for your patients’ ocular health and your bottom line. But first, you need to know all the facts.

Practice Management

Sidestep These 5 Startup Mistakes

Avoid these five costly mistakes in your new practice to clear the road to success.


Stem Cells: A Visionary Approach

Stem cell transplantation offers new possibilities to address otherwise untreatable blindness secondary to corneal, glaucomatous and retinal disease.




Yes, yes, I know... You’re not complaining—you’re making an insightful and perceptive comment that the sky is falling!

Clinical Quandaries

Pros and Cons of Post-op Meds

Does the patient really need a fluoroquinolone before cataract surgery? Or an NSAID postoperatively? The jury’s still out.

Coding Connection

WTF? (What’re the Facts?)

Vision insurance companies are switching to S codes instead of the usual 920XX codes. We may have ourselves to blame.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Dry Eye and the Urinary Tract

What should you tell dry eye patients, who are bothered by excessive urination, about water intake?

Diagnostic Quiz

Written All Over Her Face

A 67-year-old woman presented to the eye clinic for a consult related to an unusual facial spasm.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Highs and Lows of IOP

This patient began medication after she had subtle changes to her neuroretinal rims. But her IOP measurements continue to fluctuate. Is she stable?

News Review

An Eye for Writing

A mother of two and part-time optometrist, Dr. Jabaley also moonlights as an award-winning author.

A Decent Proposal

Three more states look to expand optometrists' scope of practice.

After the Storm

Joplin, Missouri O.D.s try to regroup after the deadly tornado on May 22.

Eye Injuries in Rural America

Rural Americans are five times more likely to wind up in the emergency department for an eye injury compared to their urban counterparts.


This is Not Retina 101

The abundance of new information available on retina can be overwhelming. But, Review is here to be your personal research assistant.

Product Review

Product Review

A look at the latest products and services in the optometry industry.

Retina Quiz

Systemic History is Key

A complete work-up was integral in determining the underlying cause of this patient’s severely reduced visual acuity.

Therapeutic Review

If It Itches, Is It Allergy?

Contrary to conventional optometric wisdom, allergic conjunctivitis is not the sole cause of ocular itch.