May 15, 2014


Clinical Care

Spotlight on Sickle Cell Retinopathy

A thorough patient history and appropriate laboratory testing are essential to treat and diagnose this hereditary blood disorder.


Be a Neuro-ophth 'First Responder'

When the eye—and even the patient—hangs in the balance, prompt action and careful collaboration could save the day.

Can You Crack These Comanagement Cases?

When encountering a tricky case that might require other doctors, don’t lead from behind—take charge of the comanagement effort.

Comanaging MIGS: The Birth of the Middle Class

No longer is glaucoma surgery a high-risk, high-reward venture. Safer—but more modestly beneficial—options are emerging. Here’s a look at the OD’s role.

Practice Management

Patients From Hell

Needy, non-compliant, angry and obnoxious—these patients turn an easygoing day into an impossible afternoon. Here’s how to deal with them.

Vision Expo

CE Takes Center Stage at Vision Expo East

‘Healthy bodies and healthy eyes’ was a recurring theme at this year’s VEE.



Engineers Do It Better

Just don’t ask them what “it” is, because they’ll be happy to explain “it” to you. They’ll also tell you you’re doing “it” wrong.

Clinical Quandaries

Rock the Vogt

A patient with painful uveitis suggested an infectious etiology—until ringing in the ears rang a bell for this OD.

Coding Connection

WTF About Fundus Photos?

Can retinal screening be coded and billed as fundus photography? What’re The Facts?

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

The Bilateral Baffle

Corneal endothelial dysfunction secondary to systemic medications is a rare complication—but we must be aware of the possibility.

Diagnostic Quiz

A Rookie Mistake

What is the correct diagnosis?

A Disease of Diversity

AMD most commonly affects white patients. But, this strikingly similar condition often manifests in pigmented individuals. What is it?

News Review


Conscious Coupling

Comanagement efforts work best when each party brings mutual respect and a spirit of collaboration to the enterprise.

Review of Systems

The Miniature Multitasker

What makes the hypothalamus so important to the eye and visual system?

Surgical Minute

Sealed for Your Protection

Post-cataract infection rates are up. Here's a new way to create watertight wounds.