November 15, 2011


Clinical Care

Shedding Light on a Pale Optic Nerve

Carefully differentiate glaucomatous nerves from atrophic nerves and consider alternate causes of your patient’s optic disc pallor to determine the best management strategy.

Life + Career

Practice What You Teach

Are you following the suggestions you give your patients about adopting a healthy lifestyle?

Refractive Surgery Update

The Finer Points of Premium IOLs

When cataract patients show interest in premium IOLs, you know to manage their expectations—but that’s just the beginning.



Refer Madness

My surgeon and I have had a lovely referral/comanagement flow for nearly 30 years. This is the next best thing to real love in eye care.

Clinical Quandaries

Raiders of the Lost Arcus

Corneal arcus is a common and benign presentation in the eye. But does it indicate a more threatening systemic problem?

Coding Connection

Make the Most of Premium IOLs

Comanaging a cataract patient today is a much more involved and rewarding process than it has been in years.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

More Than Enough Shuteye

This patient struggles with one eyelid that won’t open. Could it be apraxia—or is it something else?

Diagnostic Quiz

Sting of the Lash

Patient suffers from corneal irritation secondary to eyelash entrapment within the lower puncta.

News Review

Help Needed to Help Patients Quit

Eye doctors want to help patients quit smoking, but feel ill equipped to do so.

8th Annual OCRT Educational Symposium

OCRT doesn’t just scratch the surface.

Academy 2011 Was Wicked Awesome

Close to 5,700 O.D.s trekked to the 89th annual meeting, making it the 2nd largest ever.

Cataract Removal Aids Alzheimer’s Patients

Cataract surgery may improve cognitive ability, mood and sleep patterns for AD.

Fund Established for Daughter of Slain Optometrist

The optometry community in Louisiana mourns the loss of Dr. Brent Hachfeld.

Glaucoma Risk is High—on Cocaine

Study suggests substance abuse could be another modifiable risk factor for glaucoma.

In the News

A quick look at some of the latest headlines.

It’s the Great Pumpkin!

Bob Liggett, O.D., snags 10th win for biggest pumpkin at the Circleville Pumpkin Show.

New Antibiotic Strategy Offers No Resistance

A new compound disarms bacteria, which stops its virulence—and resistance.

Occupational Vision Needs

Ask patients how their vision affects their job.

OGS 10th Annual Meeting

Optometric Glaucoma Society celebrates a decade of excellence.

ONS Cooks Up A Healthy Crowd

Ocular Nutrition Society draws its best turnout yet.


LASIK and Microwave Ovens

Every now and then, an innovation brings about change that is felt for years to come, inspiring new developments and setting higher standards.

Product Review

Product Review

Take a look at the latest technology.

Retina Quiz

Ultrasound Reveals Lesion

This patient presented with a steady, bilateral decrease in vision. OCT and ultrasound testing ultimately helped confirm the diagnosis.

Review of Systems

Hematology (Part 2): Bad Blood

Patients with sickle cell anemia and other hemoglobinopathies are at risk for multi-system complications.

Therapeutic Review

One Eye or Two?

When initiating glaucoma therapy, should you attempt a monocular trial?