November 2008


Case Report

What Anti-VEGF Options Are Available?

This case of NVI leads the author to consider his anti-VEGF treatment options.

It's All in the Family

When one patient presents with granular corneal dystrophy, examine other family members closely.

Patient Care

Back to the Basics, Part 6: Preoperative Comanagement of Cataract Surgery Patients

You serve an essential role in the preoperative care of cataract surgery patients. Learn how to make it easier for the patient, the surgeon and you.

Stop EKC with a 'Silver Bullet'

There are no FDA-approved drugs to kill adenoviruses. So, use this effective, off-label method with an inexpensive and readily available FDA-approved drug.

Practice Management

7 Steps to a Winning Partnership Agreement

Are you thinking about taking on a partner or partnering up with an established doctor? Make sure to discuss the details of your expectations before you start.

Special Report

Cast Your Vote: The Results Are In

Elections compel us to take a stand on the issues. Here’s how optometrists voted on some of the big issues they face. Where do you stand?



Advice You Can Take to the Bank

Did the stock market kick you in the assets? Did it flush down your 401(k)? Don’t fear. Follow these 13 lucky steps to financial independence!

Clinical Quandaries

Send This Neuro Patient–STAT!

When a patient presents with papilledema, get her to the hospital right away for a neurology work-up. Follow the patient for proper care.

Coding Connection

Anterior Seg Coding & Billing

O.D.s see anterior segment conditions daily. Code them right to make them count.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

A Case of Post-LASIK Myopia

This patient’s myopia has progressed since his refractive surgery nearly five years ago. Is an enhancement safe?

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Perioperative Considerations

This patient underwent cataract surgery to better facilitate glaucoma management—but, did the procedure help?

News Review


Poll Results Beyond the Numbers

You’ll see the big issues optometry faces in a whole new perspective when you consider your family and your patients.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

‘Healthy’ Patient Sees Blur

This 46-year-old patient with unremarkable ocular and medical histories complained of blurred vision O.S. What could be wrong?

Therapeutic Review

A New Option for Blepharitis?

An off-label use of a new medication may help with some common disorders.