September 15, 2022



Take Control of the Nutrition Conversation

Comprehensive optometric care includes discerning the role evidence-based nutrition plays in eye health.


Is Artificial Intelligence Smart Enough Yet to Help Us?

Learn the current state of this technology and what might be coming soon to support optometry’s efforts to fight diabetic retinopathy.

New Technology Purchases: How and Why ODs Buy

This reader survey reveals the preferences and priorities that guide optometrists when adding tools and techniques to their practices.

OCT: What’s Under the Hood?

This essential guide will help you understand the technology and how it supports clinical practice.

Telemedicine: What We’ve Learned and What’s to Come

Reflecting on the present and preparing for the future of virtual eye care.



Words From the Wise

Yeah, I’m referring to me and my advice. Take it or leave it.

Clinical Quandaries

Giving Up the Ghost

Don’t provide a cataract referral without first considering corneal rehabilitation.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Talkin’ Toxicity

Consider the potential adverse effects associated with Blenrep before initiating use for myeloma treatment.

Diagnostic Quiz

That Sinking Feeling

A patient’s vision has been blurry ever since a recent fall. You examine her and find this. What’s going on?

Ocular Surface Review

Revisit a Steroid Alternative

Acthar Gel, an injectable therapy that activates melanocortin pathways, may be a saving grace for some of your patients.


Don’t Fear Digital Disruptors

Technologies that change the delivery of eye care are maturing. Optometrists should act—rather than react.

Retina Quiz

Lights in the Fog

This patient’s hypopigmented lesion led to the diagnosis.

The Essentials

Limbal Landmarks

Explore the inner workings of a region essential to the cornea.

Through My Eyes

The Best-Kept Secret

Optometry’s role in health care is crucial. Time to spread the word.

Urgent Care

Pecking Away at Differentials

Are you familiar with this choroidal lesion?