February 15, 2024


Diagnostic Skills & Techniques

Sharpen Your Slit Lamp Technique

Refine your skills and master the tricks this instrument offers to help examine patients more thoroughly.

Fundus Examination: Pay Attention to the Borders

Tips and pearls for expanding your view of the peripheral retina.

Get a Handle on Head-Mounted Perimetry

Learn how this option stacks up against the tried-and-true methods and how well you can integrate it into your practice.


Navigating Optic Nerve Differentials

Use this systematic protocol to arrive at the proper diagnosis without delay.


Advanced Procedures

Hat’s Off to Epi-Off

Make sure you link a keratoconus diagnosis with a timely treatment approach.


My Favorite Patients

Kids, dads, gamers, know-it-alls—I just love them.

Clinical Quandaries

Sounds of Silence

Hearing-impaired individuals require tailored eye exams.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Fungal Frenzy

Certain species have more recently been studied for their responsiveness to nonconventional forms of therapies.

Diagnostic Quiz

Peaked Interest

A patient expressed concern about a pupil abnormality. What’s the appropriate workup? How should you triage the case?

Focus on Refraction

Should Hindsight Be 20/20?

When a child’s acuity meets their visual needs, they may benefit more from a delayed glasses prescription.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Coordinating Care, Delaying Clinic

While making background arrangements for proper management is not usually difficult, it can cut into office efficiency.


Screen Time on Steroids

Apple’s entry into the VR market will popularize headset devices, putting digital displays closer than ever to vulnerable eyes.

Retina Quiz

Spot On

Can you see the clinical features of this pigmented lesion?

Therapeutic Review

Common Threads

RNFL defects are an important clinical finding in glaucomatous optic neuropathy, but the diagnosis may not always be obvious.

Through My Eyes

Efficiency is Key

Newer technologies can lead to more accurate diagnoses.

You Be the Judge

A Triad of Etiologies Complicates Diagnosis

Amblyopia can be supported by anisometropia and/or strabismus, but it does not rule out more serious etiologies.