January 15, 2012


Annual Dry Eye Report

Keep On Plugging

Punctal plugs are an effective treatment option for many patients with dry eye syndrome. But, they also may be used in a variety of other ways to facilitate improved ocular health.

Case Report

Choroidal Melanoma is a Life Sentence

A thorough knowledge of treatment options and associated risks is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome with this dire condition.

Contact Lenses

Seeing the Future with Contact Lenses

With advances in technology and improvements in materials, contact lenses aren’t just for vision correction anymore.

Diagnostic Technology

The Increasing Value of OCT Imaging

Ocular coherence tomography has become an all-around useful tool for glaucoma, retina and even anterior seg evaluation. Not every office needs one, but we certainly couldn’t do without ours.


Injection: The Third Method of Drug Administration

Even if you don't perform injections in your office, you should know the different types of injections in eye care, and how they're performed.



I’m Shootin’ Blanks Here

Staring at a blank page reminds me of all the times I’ve come up blank. Sometimes, patients still catch me off guard without a response.

Clinical Quandaries

Bust That Rust!

You can remove foreign bodies and rust rings, even those located centrally—if you do it properly and use the right tools.

Coding Connection

Happy (?) New Year!

Well, here we go again. A new year is just beginning, but we’re still dealing with problems from previous years.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

On Thin Eyes

While CXL complications are rare, operating on a cornea that’s too thin can result in some unexpected—and unwanted—snags.

Diagnostic Quiz

Right Between the Eyes

A patient presented, following an ER visit, with pain around both eyes.

News Review

Calculating Your Risk

New online tool calculates risk of AMD progression.

Catch Glaucoma Sooner

Study results suggest performing visual fields every six months.

Drug Slows Metastasis Of Uveal Melanoma

A drug approved for epilepsy can also slow the spread of these deadly eye tumors.

Environment Factors Into Exfoliation Glaucoma

Location and temperature are risk factors for exfoliation glaucoma.

Eyes in the Back of Its Head

Tufts biologists make tadpoles grow eyes on their backs and tails.

In the News

A look at a few of the latest headlines in eye care.

It’s Glaucoma Awareness Month

January is the perfect time to raise awareness in your community.

Myopia Treatments for Kids Come Up Short or Cause Side Effects

Of all methods of myopia inhibition, anti-muscarinic drops work the best.

Sunshine Act Delayed—for Now

Proposed regulations from CMS will postpone data collection until later this year.


Optometry’s Sharper Image

If pointing a needle at my eye requires the skill of a surgeon, why isn’t there more outrage directed toward cosmetologists and tattoo artists who apply permanent makeup?

Product Review

Product Review

Take a look at some of the latest offerings in eye care.

Retina Quiz

Patient Sees Better in the Dark

This young patient presented with a 10-year history of extremely poor visual acuity and photophobia.

Review of Systems

MS and the Eye (Part 1)

In any patient with unexplained neurologic deficits, consider disease that damages the myelin sheath.

Therapeutic Review

Sowka Down Under, Part II

Resistance is futile… But, it happens anyway.