May 2008


ARVO Report

ARVO: Cornea

Not surprisingly, infection management played a major role in this year’s research.

ARVO: Cataract & Refractive Surgery

This year, researchers focused on preventing post-surgical infection and examining risk factors for surgery patients.

ARVO: Glaucoma

This year, testing, diagnosing, management and compliance were four major areas of research.

ARVO: Retina

New research explores the various uses of Avastin, combination therapy with PDT, and the risks for AMD progression from AREDS.

Report from ARVO

This year, topics range from infection prevention to compliance and drug safety and efficacy.

Role Playing: Talk to Doctors the 'Write' Way

Sending letters to other doctors is not only your responsibility, but it also helps promote your practice. Here’s practical advice for proper correspondence.



Just Say Yes to Just Saying No

Whenever I make a masterful optometric business decision, my answer is usually “NO,” and hardly ever “YES.” You can do it, too!

Clinical Quandaries

Do Antibiotics Impair ‘The Pill’?

For decades, we’ve been told that oral antibiotics weaken the effect of oral contraceptives. Does recent research agree?

Coding Connection

Coding is Not Art, But Science

Coding is not an art of gaming the system just to get paid, but a science of navigating the rules for our patients’ benefit.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Newer Options for Keratoconus

Since this keratoconic patient’s lens wear options are exhausted, consider Intacs or other surgical procedures for treatment.

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Put Long Life on Your Short List

When elderly patients are first diagnosed with early glaucoma, should we rush to treat, or should we step back and consider their future?

Meetings and Conferences

News Review

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Blurry Vision Eludes Diagnosis

Two eye doctors failed to diagnose a teenage patient who presented with 20/200 vision O.U. What did they overlook?

Therapeutic Review

The Many Uses of Avastin

Intravitreal Avastin is proving useful in a number of off-label clinical situations besides wet AMD.