October 2008


Case Report

GP Lenses Prove It's Never too Late

When this 85-year-old patient with SJS and a host of other complications presented for her first contact lens fitting, we had to consider more than just her history.

Patient Care

Nursing Homes Need You

The bad news: More than half of nursing home residents don’t receive any eye care. The good news: Nursing home care is emotionally—and financially—rewarding.

The Graying of America

Don’t forget about the specific needs of your senior patients.

An O.D. in the ER

I moved to a rural area of Texas to practice full-scope optometry, including emergency care. My presence at the local hospital proved to be a win-win situation.

‘Doc, Part of My Vision is Gone!’

What conditions cause patients to present at your practice complaining first and foremost of vision loss? What can you do for these patients?

When Cataract Develops Long After LASIK

The first refractive surgery patients are now facing cataract surgery. Here’s how to help these post-refractive patients achieve an accurate IOL calculation.



You and Your Waiting Room

What does your waiting room say about you? My waiting room is a depository for all kinds of magazines, old furniture and various stains.

Clinical Quandaries

Free Advice Can Cost You!

Neighbors and friends ask you for free advice all the time. But if it’s free, can you be sued for it?

Coding Connection

Road Map to the ICD-10s

Get ready for a bigger and better coding system: Out with ICD-9 and in with ICD-10.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Lack of Tears: Cause for Concern

When an infant presents with no reflex tears, treat the dry eye symptoms and refer the child out immediately.

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


The Economic Forecast? Cloudy

This latest economic slump has caused a lot of worry across the country, and it has made patients reconsider their priorities.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Young Man with a Strange Lesion

This 28-year-old man presented with distorted vision and a suspicious lesion. Could it be cancerous?

Therapeutic Review

How to Tackle a Giant

To deal with this “giant” condition, instruct your patients to take a break from lens wear, and use a topical treatment regimen.