September 15, 2018


Annual Technology Report

OCT-A for AMD, Diabetes and Beyond

Imaging retinal and choroidal bloodflow can have a significant impact on how you diagnose and treat any number of ocular conditions.

Reality Check: Protecting Ocular Health from Headset Hazards

Devices are expanding your patients’ visual landscapes. What are they doing to their eyes?

Retool Your Office Tech to Boost Efficiency

These tips can help you get more out of EHR, patient communication tools and new diagnostic devices.


Master Pediatric Spectacle Wear Challenges

Uncooperative kids, anxious parents and unusual clinical challenges raise the stakes. Here’s how to succeed.

Practice Management

Why Refer When You Can Retain?

Adding a specialty focus elevates your practice and dramatically improves your patients’ lives.

Systemic Health

How Drug Abuse Affects the Eye

Drug use can be identified from a set of ocular sequelae. Learn to recognize the signs and how to respond with this guide.



The Softer Side of Vickers

Just kidding—these poems are brutally honest.

Clinical Quandaries

Mission: Uncorrectable

When a patient can’t achieve 20/20 vision, give it your all to find a solution.

Coding Connection

Playing with Fire: OCT-A Coding

Know the reimbursement rules before you invest.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Third Time’s the Charm?

Two graft failures later and a patient is running out of options.

Diagnostic Quiz

That’s a Foul

Ocular trauma during a basketball game sent this patient to our office for much-needed help.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Here, we reply to some of the criticism, praise and suggestions generated by one of our recent features.

Neuro Clinic

Led Astray

A variable presentation can make myasthenia gravis tricky. This patient took several wrong turns before getting the right diagnosis.


No More Fun and Games

Digital device use is in the crosshairs of new efforts to curb myopia and protect the retina.

Retina Quiz

Manic (Foveal) Depression

Can imaging unveil the underlying issue of this patient’s unilateral blur?

Review of Systems

There’s a Killer on the Loose

Patient history and visual field testing can help ODs catch cases of glioblastoma multiforme before it’s too late.

The Essentials

True Colors

Diagnosing and monitoring ocular disease isn’t always black-and-white.

Therapeutic Review

The Day I Became My Own Patient

An idiopathic condition really put me through the ringer.

Through My Eyes

Narrow Focus, Wide Impact

Opportunities abound for ODs looking to add a specialty—now and in the future.

Urgent Care

The Many Hats of Herpes

This virus can present in a variety of ways. Here, we enumerate them.