April 15, 2023


Clinical Care

How to Handle Non-Ocular Emergencies in Your Practice

Preparation is paramount. Here’s how to gear up for these unexpected events so that you can react appropriately in your clinic.


A Game Plan for Treating Corneal Infections

Follow this guidance to determine the cause and come up with a strategy.

Managing Episodes of Corneal Trauma

Perform these steps to properly treat injuries, abrasions and foreign bodies.

Keratoconus: What Surprises the Experts?

In this wide-ranging discussion, 15 pros reveal what perplexes even them about the course and management of this condition.

Know Your Options for Combating Recurrent Erosion

A wide range of medical and surgical interventions exist to help limit recurrence and improve the quality of these patients’ lives.


Should You Prescribe a Glaucoma Drug For Ocular Hypertension?

Knowing when intervention is and isn’t warranted is a key component of comprehensive care.



Love Makes the World Go Round

"Like" counts for something, too.

Clinical Quandaries

MOG Leads to Fog

Sudden vision loss requires a timely workup and a decisive plan.

Diagnostic Quiz

Skin in the Game

It’s wise to evaluate areas beyond the eyes and ocular adnexa, as they may reveal definitive clues to diagnosis.

Focus on Refraction

A Day in the Life

Getting to know who your patient is outside the clinic could make a world of difference in crafting an effective treatment strategy.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Bad, Worse, Worst

Proceed with caution in cases of progressing advanced glaucoma.


The Empire Strikes Back

Stung by optometry’s recent legislative successes, ophthalmology attempts a smear campaign—but only discredits itself in the process.

Retina Quiz

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Retinal whitening led to this patient’s condition.

Therapeutic Review

What’s Bugging You?

This easy method for microbial identification can assist management.

Through My Eyes

Impressive Innovations

Put these products and technologies on your radar.

You Be the Judge

Melanoma Masquerader

As technology and knowledge evolve for examinations, so does the standard of care.