December 15, 2009


Case Report

A Case of RAP in AMD

This patient presented with end-stage AMD. Could a rare retinal diagnosis be the cause?

Patient Care

He Said/She Said: Two Approaches to Retinal Disease Management

Private practice vs. academic institution. Two O.D.s present their views on how to manage patients who present with common retinal conditions.


10th Annual Presbyopia Report

This year, we explore how multifocal contact lenses are designed, find out how to match PALs to patients and review the latest IOLs.

Current and Cutting-Edge IOLs for Presbyopia

Here is a brief review of currently available presbyopia-correcting IOLs, as well as a preview of four new lenses on the not-so-distant horizon.

How a Multifocal Contact Lens Is Born

What goes into a multifocal contact lens before it goes into your patient’s eye? Three lens designers answer

Get Down To Brass Tacks with PALs

Make sure not to overwhelm patients with technical jargon. Keep the conversation focused on what they’ll be doing with the lenses.

Special Report

Cell Phone Photos Save an Eye with Cellulitis

Thanks to cell phone technology and quick thinking, my granddaughter’s periorbital cellulitis was treated in time.



Be Part of the PAC Mentality

What has politics done for you? Ever heard of “scope of practice?” Remember that when you write a drug Rx. Remember your PAC, too.

Clinical Quandaries

No Insurance? No Problem

About 46 million Americans don’t have health insurance, while 28,000 Americans have a retinal detachment each year. You do the math.

Coding Connection

Answers to Your Questions

The year is almost over. The events of this year raised a lot of questions, and it’s time to answer some of them.

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

A Downside of Topical Steroids

This patient with advanced glaucoma presented with elevated IOP, reduced acuity and painful, red eyes. Is this a result of poor topical steroid compliance?

Letters to the Editor

News Review


Staying Connected

Review is making the most of its relationship with readers through new web initiatives and social media.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

A Green Light for LASIK?

This 35-year-old patient presented for a LASIK screening. Is he an ideal candidate, or should he continue to wear glasses instead?

Therapeutic Review

A New Drug for an Old Nemesis

A new drug for herpetic keratitis may change how you manage viral ocular infection.