December 15, 2021



A Step-by-Step Guide to Cataract Post-op Care

Understand what to expect and act on at every management stage.

Diagnostic Skills & Techniques

Real-World Performance of Newer Intraocular Lenses

A perspective on five recent additions and how to recommend them to your patients based on their expectations and visual requirements.

Income Survey

2021 Income: Back on the Playing Field

COVID-19 is here to stay, but optometry made significant financial strides this year to show it’s not going anywhere either.

Refractive Surgery Update

The Key to Happy Refractive Patients

With several surgeries available today, we help you determine how to decide which is the best procedure for each patient.


Plaquenil Toxicity: How to Avoid this Bullseye

Learn the clinical indicators, risk factors and screening guidelines to properly monitor for this irreversible, rare condition in patients on this drug.



Hierarchy of Emotions

There are six major ones, but happiness ranks first, trust me.

Clinical Quandaries

Keep it PG

These growths, seen in both children and adults, are often easily managed.

Coding Connection

It’s a Wrap

Prepare your practice for an exciting New Year.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Step Up To LK

There are several treatment options for lipid keratopathy, some of which achieve better results than others.

Diagnostic Quiz

Nothing’s Up

What could this case of prominent ptosis signify about the patient’s overall systemic health?

Focus on Refraction

Less is Not More

One of the fundamentals of prescribing involves using all of your data points, not limiting yourself to one, to arrive at a solution.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

We are the Specialists of Eye Care

It’s up to us to manage the global ocular health of our patients, even when other providers are involved, too.

Ocular Surface Review

Neurological DED Management in Action

Promising new treatments consider a different route to alleviation of symptoms.


Back to Where You Once Belonged

The pandemic took its toll, financially and in countless other ways, but the profession is rebounding.

Retina Quiz

Stop the Swelling

A complex condition is the culprit.

Surgical Minute

On the Bubble

Silicone vitrectomy helps save eyes with severe globe trauma.

Therapeutic Review

The Bite of Something Wild

Anticipating a good outcome in cat scratch disease might require prompt treatment.

Through My Eyes

Prepare for Presbyopia

Get to know the first FDA-approved drug to improve near vision.