June 15, 2013


Case Report

A Novel Biomarker for Stargardt Disease?

In this case series, the high-resolution capacity of SD-OCT was used to provide what could be the earliest retinal indication of this visually devastating genetic condition.

Electronic Health

The Pulse on e-Prescribing in Optometry

E-prescribing isn’t novel anymore, but it’s not an established standard in optometry practices yet either. How is eRx working for the average OD?

Ophthalmic Drugs

From Molecule to Medicine Cabinet: A Drug’s Long Journey from Development to Approval

For every 10,000 drug compounds developed, only one will achieve FDA approval. Here’s how it happens.


Essential Elements of The Retinal Exam

What should be included in the primary care optometrist’s diagnostic retinal examination?

Systemic Health

Eye on Stroke Prevention

Many of our patients at risk for stroke don’t know the first signs of it. Primary care optometrists can detect, and even help patients avoid, a stroke.



Optometry is Still a Man’s Game

Optometry, as a profession, is still a man’s game. The women are beating us senseless, obviously, but it’s still a man’s game!

Clinical Quandaries

Better Than the Blade

Bladeless laser cataract surgery costs more, but offers the potential for better results and less inflammation than the traditional procedure.

Coding Connection

Special Ophthalmic Testing

You can perform some tests on the same day as the office visit—as long as you record the medical necessity.

Diagnostic Quiz

Three Months, Three Problems

Patient presents with pain following a fingernail injury to her left eye three months earlier.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

TMI? No Such Thing!

A 72-year-old suspect apparently converts to glaucoma—at least according to certain tests. So, do you begin treatment now?

News Review

In the News

Here's a look at some of the latest headlines.

Prostaglandins Precipitate Ptosis

Prostaglandin analogues usage linked to eyelid droop.

AMD Patient Improves From 20/400 to 20/40

The patient is enrolled in a clinical trial using human embryonic stem cells.


Life Begins at 23

Genetic testing reveals much about our health risks, but raises the stakes for doctors. Will patients be convinced their DNA is their destiny?

Product Review

Product Review

A look at a few of the latest products.

Retina Quiz

PVD Confirms the Worst

This patient presented with significant blur and a posterior vitreous detachment in her right eye. What does this mean?

Surgical Minute

The Resurgence of Punctal Occlusion

Don’t call it a comeback, but this modality has gained prominence of late—especially as ODs perform more post-op care.

Therapeutic Review

Topical NSAID Update

The latest agents, Prolensa and Ilevro, are improved formulations of current standbys for postoperative pain management.