June 15, 2023


Case Report

A Case of Pathologic Myopia

This paper highlighted the complications of pathologic myopia.


Timing the Retinal Referral: Tips for Success

No one wants to hold a patient too long—or pull the trigger too soon. Consider how you would handle these real-world cases in deciding whether a subspecialty consult is necessary.

Choroidal Folds: A New Wrinkle in Retinal Care

This often overlooked—yet important—clinical finding can have significant implications for a patient’s overall health.

Nutrition and the Retina: Help Patients Help Themselves

The key to fostering neuroprotection from a variety of posterior segment diseases may lay in promoting dietary changes and supplementation.

Sharpen Your AMD Detection Skills

Accurate disease assessment and staging will steer you towards an approach to management that’s most conducive to vision preservation.

Vitreous Opacities: Benign or Serious?

From bothersome floaters to acute hemorrhage, we break down these findings and help you determine proper management.



You Say Weakness, I Say Strength

The two might just be one and the same.

Clinical Quandaries

The Benefit of Biologics

These treatment options can be useful against diabetic peripheral corneal neuropathy.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Will Epi-on Take Off?

The challenges of crosslinking an intact cornea.

Diagnostic Quiz

One False Move

Beauty products can have damaging effects on the eyes and/or surrounding tissue.

Focus on Refraction

Different Fields for Different Folks

Kinetic testing may prove more beneficial than static for brain-injured patients.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Glaucoma, But Not

Sometimes the damage is already done, but there’s still a job to finish.

Glaucoma, But Not

Sometimes the damage is already done, but there’s still a job to finish.


Retina on the Rise

New meds, methods and motivations are bringing it to the forefront of optometric care.

Retina Quiz

Hitting the Bullseye

The finding of this pattern hinted to this patient’s condition.

Surgical Minute

The Cornea in Crisis

Learn to identify and manage cases of edema following cataract surgery.

Therapeutic Review

No Pressure, Really

Here’s how I found myself experiencing hypotony—and why this rare complication of intravitreal injection should be on our radar.

Through My Eyes

AMD from A to Z

Get familiar with each stage and the available treatments.

You Be the Judge

OCD Pays Off

Few patients keep a health diary, but such recordings may benefit your surviving family members and loved ones.