November 15, 2006


Case Report

Visual Problems Result From Severe Stenosis

Here’s how we managed this rare patient who has vertebrobasilar disease and its attendant ocular manifestations.

Genetic Disease

The Genetics of Corneal Dystrophies

Discovery of the mutations that cause corneal dystrophies may change their classification.

Patient Care

A Bird’s-Eye View Of Avian Influenza

Although rare, the avian flu can manifest itself as conjunctivitis. You may be the first health-care professional to see an infected patient.

Be the First to Detect Thyroid Disease

Because you could be the first practitioner to detect thyroid disease in a patient, here’s a review of the disease and its ocular manifestations.

Practice Management

Group Practice Gains But Not Without Pain

Bigger is better for the bottom line, but group practice also brings many new challenges for practitioners.

Practice Transitions

Part V: Exit Strategies

After 25+ years of practice, many optometrists start to focus on winding down their active practice careers and give some serious thought to what comes next.



Information Overload

My mailbox and my brain are all filled up. I only subscribe to two eye-care magazines, so why are there 30 of them on my desk?

Clinical Quandaries

Red in the Face?

Many patients who have acne rosacea aren’t aware that their eye problems are linked to the condition. This is where O.D.s can play a role.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Corneal Erosion Commotion

How do you treat a LASIK patient who has RCE from a “leaky” epithelium?

Diagnostic Quiz

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


Specialty Know-How

Specialty eye care can be a real boost to your practice, but the tricks of the trade can elude even the most astute O.D. This month’s CE program takes the guesswork out of sports vision.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Things Aren’t as They Seem

Vision loss and atypical findings mimic one disease, but patient’s age confounds the diagnosis.

Therapeutic Review

Something for ‘Nothing,’ (Part 2)

A subconjunctival hemorrhage, though common, can be extremely distressing to patients.