September 15, 2011



How to Manage Ocular Allergy in Athletes

Athletes must perform at 100% to compete at the highest levels. Don’t let the signs and symptoms of ocular allergy slow them down.

Annual Diabetes Report

Type 2 Diabetes: Not Just for Adults Anymore

More children and adolescents have type 2 diabetes than ever before. It is our responsibility to help these young patients prevent the development of this condition and its sight-threatening consequences.

Clinical Care

Bacterial vs. Viral: Name That Infection!

What do you do when you have an edematous red eye with other vague findings? Here’s a look beyond characteristic dendrites and infiltrates.

Ophthalmic Lenses

Manufacturing Success

Choose in-office laboratory equipment that fits the needs of your practice and your bottom line.


Face Off: OCT vs. Fluorescein

How do these two principal players measure up in the diagnosis and monitoring of retinal diseases?

Vision Expo

VEW: Expanded CE in 2011

This year’s enhanced continuing education program focuses on three core competencies designed to boost your practice.



It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s ME!

Google yourself. You might be surprised by what you find. For me, it’s countless pages of old “Chairside” columns—and my comic book alter ego!

Clinical Quandaries

Lid Swelling Linked to Lupus?

A young woman presents with an intermittent swollen eyelid. Her history reveals non-specific systemic symptoms. What’s going on here?

Coding Connection

Diabetes: Health Care Epidemic

Almost one in 10 American adults now has diabetes. That number may triple by 2050.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

What’s the Buzz About Betadine?

Povidone-iodine is used off-label to combat acute ocular bacterial or viral infection, but it must be used with caution.

Diagnostic Quiz

Sees Bad, Looks Worse

How would you approach this case? What's your diagnosis?

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Here's what our readers have to say.

News Review

New Genetic Cause of RP Discovered

Researchers hope to explore gene therapy and cell replacement strategies as potential treatments.

Hypertension + Diabetes Increases Risk for OAG

Patients with both conditions should undergo regular eye exams to monitor for glaucoma.

3-D Smartphones Make Eyes Tired

Using stereo 3-D devices for an extended amount of time can cause visual discomfort, fatigue and headaches

O.D.s in Puerto Rico Petition for TPAs

A new petition hopes to change scope of practice.

Growing Reports of Bacteria-Tainted Avastin

Injections infect more than 20 patients in at least three states. One patient’s family is suing for $4 million.

Contact Lens Industry Loses A Legend

Contact lens pioneer Robert A. Koetting, O.D., passes away.

In the News

Here's a glimpse of what's happening in the profession.


Doctor, Heal Thyself

There’s a lot of chatter about non-compliant patients, but how many of you can truly say that you’re always doing what you know is right?

Product Review

Product Review

A look at the latest products and services in the optometry industry.

Retina Quiz

A Lifetime of Bad Vision

This patient had poor visual acuity his whole life. Recently, however, it became worse. What is the most likely underlying cause?

Review of Systems

Hematology (Part 1): True Blood

Because the eye is a highly vascularized organ, hematologic disorders often present in the optometrist’s office.

Therapeutic Review

When It Isn’t Glaucoma

You must be able to differentiate glaucoma from other optic nerve conditions.