November 15, 2010


Case Report

Recognizing Best’s Disease

Two cases of this rare condition, involving a mother and son, demonstrate an assortment of diagnostic challenges.


Orals Only for Acute HSV?

What’s the current treatment for acute herpes simplex epithelial keratitis? Viroptic, Zirgan—or oral acyclovir?

Practical Coding for Comanaging Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Be ready to discuss and offer these technologies to your patients. It’s both a responsibility and an opportunity.

Contact Lenses

Secret Shopper Finds Lack of Contact Lens Education

What could go wrong when our ‘secret shopper’ simply gets new contacts? A lot.


Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing: What You Can Do

As consumers take advantage of the affordable and convenient over-the-counter genetic testing options, it is important for optometrists to help patients interpret results and make informed healthcare decisions.


How to Help Prevent Cataract

A review of the role of environment, antioxidants, carotenoids, nutrition, enzymes, diet, medications, metabolism and other factors on cataract.


Where We Fall Short In Pediatric Optometry

The key to a successful pediatric eye exam starts with the accurate assessment of a child’s visual acuity and cycloplegic retinoscopy.

Practice Management

Let Your Staff Run Your Staff Meetings

The key to productive office meetings is encouraging your staff to make them informative and more enjoyable.

Words Do Matter: A Case in Point

A few well-placed words among friends in the U.S. saved a woman’s vision in Africa.

Profiles in Excellence

Eye to Eye with Dr. Oliver Sacks

His new book explores sensory loss and abilities found—including his own loss of vision to eye cancer.


Managing Retinal Breaks

Are you prepared for the many manifestations of a retinal tear? Here is a case of a patient who required repeated laser treatments.



‘Impossible’ n’est pas Français

Translation: The word ‘impossible’ is not French. Another way of putting it: Anything can happen. But it usually doesn’t.

Coding Connection

Why I Dread the S Code

We can’t report our services in a different way than other providers report theirs.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Got Shingles? Give This a Shot

Herpes zoster vaccination is CDC recommended and doctor approved.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

News Review


O.D. Know-It-Alls

Be a jack-of-all-trades…even if you’re a master of just one.

Retina Quiz

Red-Orange Color is the Clue

This patient presented with blurred vision and distortion. But, ultrasound, OCT and BIO helped us make the correct diagnosis.

Review of Systems

Neoplastic Disease: Part 2

Breast cancer touches the lives of all optometrists, either professionally, personally, or both.

Therapeutic Review

Help with Horner’s

Here, we provide an overview of Horner’s syndrome as well as examine the appropriate pharmacological testing.