April 2007


Patient Care

Recognize a Patient with An Eating Disorder

It’s not just teenage girls anymore, and it’s not about vanity. You can identify patients with these disorders, and you can help them.

Redefining Vision Correction

Understanding Custom Wavefront Refraction and the H-D Eye Exam.

Practice Management

The Truth about In-Office Labs

In-office labs can be extremely lucrative, but whether yours is a success or a failure will depend upon some key decisions you make early on.

5 Steps to Furnish Your Future`

Grow your practice by bringing your office design up to speed and readying yourself for tomorrow.

Will the Savvy Consumer Change Optometry?

Advertising and the Internet are changing the dynamic between the doctor and patient. Is all this extra information good for patients?



The Pharm Report

I want a lot of new drugs ... No, not for me! I’m talking about drugs for our patients. How about a drug that makes them show up on time?

Clinical Quandaries

New Management of MGD

Recently developed eyelid cleaners and other products can help combat the irritating problem of meibomian gland disease.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Will FDA Revise Classifications?

Unique characteristics of silicone hydrogel lenses may push us to re-evaluate the merits of rubbing when using multipurpose solutions.

Diagnostic Quiz

Letters to the Editor

Meetings and Conferences

News Review


The Information Age

The trend of consumerism is impacting all areas of health care, including optometry. How will you react?

Product Review

Retina Quiz

A Paper Trail of Vision Loss

This patient has poor vision in right eye since trauma 20 years ago, but the dilated fundus exam shows some surprising findings.

Therapeutic Review

Open Your Eyes to Cycloplegia

An often-overlooked treatment can provide pain relief for patients with acute inflammation.