February 15, 2011


Case Report

Treatment Strategies for Endophthalmitis

Endophthalmitis is a serious intraocular infection that warrants prompt medical attention. With a better understanding of its pathophysiology, you will be better able to manage and treat this sight-threatening condition.

Contact Lenses

Recession-proof Your Practice

Would you like to increase your revenue? Try offering orthokeratology to just one or two regular myopes per week.

Ophthalmic Drugs

Patient Care

More Than Meets the Eye

O.D.s can offer patients even more than clear vision and healthy eyes by discussing lifestyle changes to achieve whole-body health.

Current Therapeutic Approaches to Blepharitis Management

Don't rush your diagnosis or treatment plan when you suspect your patient suffers from this exceedingly common condition.


Generics: Friend or Foe?

As new generic ophthalmic agents are introduced, optometrists must be aware of their therapeutic efficacy and safety characteristics before initiating treatment.



Only the Best Can Pass the Test

To finally and truly become Board Certified, you must first answer these questions. (Pssst...When in doubt, choose “All of the above.”)

Clinical Quandaries

Cut Down the Branch

What can be done for this patient with branch retinal vein occlusion? The sooner she is treated, the better.

Coding Connection

Coding the Kone

Fitting contact lenses for keratoconus can pose several challenges—not the least of which is getting paid for it.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Recalcitrant Dry Eye Options

Here’s what can you do for patients who are unresponsive to first-line dry eye therapy.

Diagnostic Quiz

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

What’s Your Next Step?

Know your options when it comes to patients with difficult-to-control IOP and pseudoexfoliative glaucoma.

Letters to the Editor

News Review


A New World for Pharma (Part I)

With patents expiring and pipelines drying up, the future of health care will soon look much different than it does today.

Product Review

Retina Quiz

Imaging Confirms Diagnosis

This young patient presented with blurred vision. However, multiple imaging systems helped to confirm her diagnosis.

Therapeutic Review

Eye Whitening 90210

Teeth can be brightened. Skin can be bleached. Guess what? Now eyes can be whitened too!