November 15, 2023



Real-World Uses of Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Here’s guidance on when and how to employ this “big gun” in the fight against dry eye disease.

Addressing Pterygium in Optometric Practice

Successful management of this condition requires a comprehensive understanding of its pathophysiology, clinical features and diagnostic criteria.


A Modern Tool to Assess Myopia Risk

The newly developed UH NEAR survey offers clinicians and researchers a practical way to gather data on health and lifestyle factors to personalize patient care.

Ocular Surface Anomalies

Ocular Surface Side Effects of Glaucoma Meds

These drugs may be essential for IOP control, but that’s no reason to let them compromise the cornea. Here’s a look at the many possible iatrogenic complications—and what to do about them.

Understanding Corneal Ulcers and Infiltrates

How to distinguish one from another and avoid misdiagnosis when the history and symptoms don’t match the presentation.


How to Handle the High Myope

Anticipate the following issues during the long-term management of these patients’ ocular health.


Advanced Procedures

Ace this Aesthetic Injection

Neurotoxins, if administered correctly, can provide precise and safe results for your patients.


What’s Your Policy?

If something happened with a patient but isn’t written on their chart, it didn’t happen.

Clinical Quandaries

A Nose for News

An exam of the adnexa and face can help identify possible tumors.

Diagnostic Quiz

Seen and Unseen

A patient presents with good acuity but poor facial recognition. Recent MCA infarction makes you suspect which diagnosis?

Ocular Surface Review

Not So Benign OSD

If your patient isn’t responding to treatment, look beyond the typical forms of ocular surface disease.


Leaving New York

Vision Expo East’s move to Orlando closes the curtain on a long run of prominence for the city in the optometric landscape.

Retina Quiz

Bigger Isn't Better

Thickening of the retina is a sign of this condition.

The Essentials

Elastin Expansion

Differentiating secondary glaucoma types like pseudoexfoliative syndrome is crucial in providing proper care.

Through My Eyes

Show Up for OSD

Recent FDA approvals make it easier to treat your patients.

Urgent Care

A Cold You Can See

This condition resolves on its own, but is still troubling to patients.

You Be the Judge

Diagnose Amblyopia with Caution

Reduced monocular vision without an amblyogenic factor should not be ignored.