October 15, 2011


Case Report

Don't Let FK Get Carried Away

What’s the best strategy to increase tear volume and remove mucoid strands in order to improve comfort in patients who present with filamentary keratitis?

Income Survey

Income Survey: Penny Pinching Pays Off

What’s in your wallet? Maybe a few extra bucks? Yesterday’s belt tightening seems to be paying some dividends today.

Ophthalmic Lenses

Take A New Look at New Lenses

Technological advances continue to shape the lens industry, creating spectacles that offer patients a new look—clinically and aesthetically.

Practice Management

What Your Office Manager Wants You to Know

If your practice isn’t running as well as you’d like, the problem might be how you manage your office manager. Here’s how to connect.

Confessions of a Former Optician

What really goes on (or should go on) in your optical department? Find out from an optometrist who survived to tell the tale.

‘Meaningful Use’ From the Trenches

Optometrists offer some pointers and explain what to avoid as they push for meaningful use and federal dollars.

Profiles in Excellence

The Man with Kaleidoscope Eyes

John Lennon’s optometrist looks back at his most famous patient. Strange days, indeed.

Special Feature

A Look at VMT Syndrome

Depending on the condition’s severity, patients with VMT syndrome may experience an abrupt decrease in visual acuity and require surgical intervention.


You Can Help Your Patients See 3-D

3-D is not just hype. It can help you diagnose binocular vision disorders and build your practice. You can even help patients overcome their problems with 3-D viewing.



Sometimes It’s Always Never

Magazines are useful. They clean up coffee spills when you don’t have a napkin. Also, they have those “Test Yourself” articles, like this one.

Clinical Quandaries

A Patient with a Singular View

Is there anything that can be done for a patient with a prosthetic eye? As a matter of fact, there is.

Coding Connection

Ready for New ICD-9 Codes?

The ICD-10 codes aren’t here yet. But, new and revised ICD-9 codes for glaucoma went into effect on October 1.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

In a Scrape with a Shield Ulcer?

If you’re faced with a persistent shield ulcer that just won’t quit, it may be time to pull out the big guns.

Diagnostic Quiz

Systemic History to Blame?

A 48-year-old patient presents with difficulty seeing in her far left periphery.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

If it Gets Complex, Keep it Simple

A patient in his 40s, with a confounding clinical picture, is at risk for developing glaucoma. There’s no need to make this case more difficult.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Here's what our readers have to say.

News Review

Eyelid Lipid Plaques Could Suggest Cardiovascular Disease

Study results suggest that xanthelasmata are a cutaneous marker of atherosclerosis.

Former Jobson President Passes Away

Robert A. Amato, 80, died in New York City on September 19.

Genetic Mutation Found for Myopia

LEPREL1 encodes an enzyme essential for the final modification of collagen in the eye.

Less Blue Light, More Trouble Sleeping

It’s possible aging of the lens is a primary contributing factor to sleep disorders.

O.D.s Win Lawsuit Against Spectera

Four Georgia optometrists in a group practice sued Spectera over a change in the provider agreement.

Topical Antibiotics Are Causing Increased Resistance

Specimens of CNS from treated eyes exhibited a marked increase in multiple-drug resistance.

VA Halts Intravitreal Use of Avastin

VA puts off-label use of Avastin on hold, pending the results of an investigation.

Video Games: A Cure for Adult Amblyopia?

Study participants exhibited a 30% improvement in visual acuity from baseline.


Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

If you plan to start reporting “meaningful use” at the same time that you roll out a new EHR system, you may be biting off more than you can chew.

Product Review

Product Review

Here's a look at the latest technology.

Retina Quiz

Too Young for AMD?

This 30-year-old patient presented with clinical signs potentially indicative of AMD. Is that even possible?

Therapeutic Review

The Buzz About Ocular Stings

While a “sting of da’ feet” may hurt a lot, a sting of the eyelid or cornea can be significantly more painful and damaging.