February 15, 2023


Diagnostic Skills & Techniques

Clinical Skills Refresher: 27 Bright Ideas for Better Exams

From gonioscopy to peripheral 3-mirror evaluation, we offer suggestions to improve core diagnostic elements without fancy equipment.

Bring Laboratory Studies and Imaging into your Practice

Learn the logistics of getting these results into your hands—and how to overcome the common setbacks. Part 1 of 2.

Developing a Constructive Approach to Case History

From pre- to post-exam, learn how to retrieve, document and use this information to optimize patient care.

Evaluation and Diagnosis of Pupil Disorders

Follow this hands-on approach and learn from an expert clinician to improve your own practice.

Trends, Challenges and Controversies in Keratoconus

Get updated on the latest discourse on this increasingly relevant topic.



Presence is the Greatest Present

Live in the moment; life is constantly giving and taking.

Clinical Quandaries

Detective Work

Deeper questions can uncover underlying systemic conditions.

Diagnostic Quiz

Going Back and Forth

Your exam elicits an abduction nystagmus and some gaze positions produce diplopia. What’s your next move?

Focus on Refraction

Looking Through Rose-Colored Glasses

Let’s take a look at how tints play an important role in treating brain injury.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Advancing Toward Advanced Disease

Only about 10% of glaucoma patients fall into this category; be sure to know how to manage those who present to you.

Ocular Surface Review

Right Tool for the Job

These small but mighty instruments can help you better perform a number of procedures and will enhance your practice.


Completing the Picture

The process of diagnosis is fraught with trouble, as ODs must piece together an idea from just a few glimpses of the issue. Here’s help.

Retina Quiz

A Serous Problem

This inflammatory disorder can potentially cause blindness.

Surgical Minute

An Unnerving Situation

Newer minimally invasive surgical techniques exist to reinnervate a neurotrophic cornea.

Therapeutic Review


Be careful when handling milkweed, as incidents in the garden can lead to vision loss

Through My Eyes

In With the New

Consider these latest technologies to improve your diagnostics.

You Be the Judge

A Tragic Headache

Those who examine a pregnant patient before you do may be wrong. It’s your opportunity to get it right.