October 15, 2023



Five Questions About Medical Therapy for Demodex

The first targeted drug for this widespread condition is now available, offering a new treatment avenue for eyecare clinicians and their patients.

Tackle MGD with These Hands-on Interventions

Adding gland expression, along with blepharoexoliation and IPL, unlocks new levels of control over patient outcomes. We show you the proper way to go about it.

A Game Plan for Managing Eyelid Lesions and Related Conditions

Optometrists play a critical role in the identification and treatment of these issues.

Follow This Practical Workup for Acquired Ptosis

The condition can arise for a multitude of reasons. Learn how to differentiate, diagnose and treat them.

Recognize Benign vs. Malignant Eyelid Tumors and Lesions

Learn how to handle these abnormalities as well as the steps needed to diagnose them.

Jobson Research Special

Optometrists Ready to Step up to Subspecialization

New survey finds enthusiasm for recognizing ODs who wish to concentrate on particular aspects of care within the broader swath of the profession’s services.



Use Your Turn Signals

Don’t make assumptions and cut to the chase with your patients, even when they don’t properly use theirs.

Clinical Quandaries

Fishin’ for Trouble

Managing traumatic hyphema requires vigilance during and after treatment.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Pregnant Pause

In expectant mothers, the possibility of temporary ocular changes can complicate prescribing and diagnosis.

Diagnostic Quiz

Pain From Above

A young patient experiences difficulty with upgaze movements. How serious might it be?

Focus on Refraction

The Forgotten Tool for Binocular Vision

Contact lenses can be great for certain issues of this sort.

Glaucoma Grand Rounds

Responsibility is a Two-Way Street

Once you've given patients every opportunity to benefit from your care, the rest is up to them.


Playing the Percentages

Ophthalmology’s ranks are declining, patient demand is rising—and ODs say they’re open to a bold idea that might help with both.

Retina Quiz


Not all white dots are created equal.

Surgical Minute

The Evolution of IPL

From units to bottles, there’s been a big change in how this alternative treatment has been used and designed.

Therapeutic Review

Keep Count

Endothelial cell loss is a common source of worry in patients with both glaucoma and corneal disease.

Through My Eyes

The Big Picture

What legacy do you want to leave behind?

You Be the Judge

ER Referral Goes Awry

Can your correct diagnosis be ignored and result in blindness?