July 15, 2023


Dry Eye

Dry Eye Catalysts Found in All Walks of Life

A mammoth report from TFOS documents how patients’ ordinary daily activities manifest and perpetuate the disease, and how clinicians can guide them toward better choices.


Avoid These Common Glaucoma Mistakes

Experts share their management missteps and clinical pearls to ensure an optimal outcome for all patients.

Progression in Glaucoma: How to Recognize and React

We help guide you through the importance of clinical data usage in long-term monitoring.

Glaucoma Care Beyond the Basics: Advanced Tips and Considerations

Discover what skills clinicians should have at this level of management.

Managing Patients Across the Narrow-Angle Spectrum

Clinicians must perform the proper tests and consider all the evidence to make a confident diagnosis and reduce the risk of angle closure.

Optic Nerve Disorders: How They Manifest and What They Mean

Understanding how to accurately identify, diagnose and manage these conditions is a key component of optometric care.


Advanced Procedures

Vacation Plans

Intracameral injection of Durysta gives patients a break from the daily drudgery of topical medication use. Here’s how to do it.


Recheck, Remake, Repeat

Here’s what I’ve learned from the annual glasses-check patients. You’re welcome.

Clinical Quandaries

Gut Check

Dry eye problems could be alleviated with diet and lifestyle changes. Here’s what to consider.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

How to Stop Hydrops

With no standard for potential contributing factors, ODs can at least look out for these observed relationships.

Diagnostic Quiz

Battle of the Bulge

Is the puffiness shown here a sign of something more concerning? If so, how would you proceed?

Ocular Surface Review

First of its Kind

Miebo now gives us a medication option that targets MGD and evaporative DED.


Clinical Cocoons

Enticing AI solutions are no substitute for insights that come from doing the work yourself. Here’s help in breaking through.

Retina Quiz

Don’t Get Abscessed

Can you identify this rare but deadly disease?

The Essentials

Macular Focus

Pinpoint your knowledge toward understanding how the structures here give rise to various conditions.

Through My Eyes

Put the Patient First

SLT and other glaucoma treatments should be more accessible.

Urgent Care

Cut Out For Cuts

Eyelid lacerations are caused by various sources of facial trauma and usually require prompt intervention.

You Be the Judge

Blue Eyes Save Lives

As the ciliary body is not observed during a routine eye exam, a melanoma is nearly never detected there until it may be too late.