March 15, 2023


Diagnostic Skills & Techniques

Suggestions for Using Labs and Imaging in your Practice

Various symptoms at the office require further investigation. Part 2 of 2.

Ophthalmic Lenses

New and Noteworthy Spectacle Lenses and Coatings

Get to know how some of the latest options on the market improve the visual experience for patients.


Restrictive Drug Formularies: How to Beat the Odds

When insurers stack the deck against you and your patients, you can still play a winning hand.

Dry Eye Drugs: What’s New and What’s Next

Let’s dive into the substantial amount of meds that have come to market the last few years, along with a preview of others on the horizon.

Know the Ins and Outs of Oral Steroids

A review of the broad clinical applications, contraindications and potential side effects of these inflammation-fighting powerhouses.

Ocular Side Effects of New Cancer Agents

Understanding how molecularly targeted chemotherapeutic agents can impact patients is key for primary eyecare providers.

Presbyopia Drugs: A Drop in the Bucket?

With one med available and others coming soon, patients have more options than ever for near vision correction. Do they offer enough to make a difference in a well-established market?


Advanced Procedures

Turning Inward

Proper use of Quickert sutures is the lid-everting procedure all medical optometrists need to know.


Clinical Quandaries

TECS Book Case

An expansion of basic eyecare services can especially benefit those far away from medical centers.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Cataract Qualms

Diabetic patients, more at risk for surgery complications, can benefit from these considerations.

Diagnostic Quiz

In the Thick of It

Retinal exam points toward a likely culprit for this patient’s severely reduced visual acuity.

Ocular Surface Review

Toxic Work Environment

Be aware of certain glaucoma therapy options that could harm the ocular surface.


This Year’s Model

New presbyopia drugs are on the way. It’s reasonable to expect incremental, steady improvement as the category matures.

Retina Quiz

Not the Brightest Idea

A photoshoot gone wrong led to this patient’s condition.

The Essentials

A Gold Standard

With suspected tuberculosis, diagnosis can exclude other ocular conditions that exhibit similar symptoms.

Through My Eyes

Game Changers

Get ready for new medications targeting common conditions.

Urgent Care

Cloudy With a Chance of... Cataract?

This patient presented with pain and decreased vision in one eye.

You Be the Judge

Return of the Cat’s Eye

The vast majority of cataract extractions are successful, but there are some clinical signs not to be ignored.