September 15, 2023



The Definitive Guide to Corneal Topography

Understanding when and how to use this tool is a critical component of optometric practice.

Diagnostic Technology

The New Kids on the Block in Visual Field Testing

Move over, SAP machines—updated technologies available today provide a more accurate and clearer diagnosis in glaucoma and optic neuropathy.

Ultra-Widefield Imaging: Expand Your Horizons

Several instruments are available today. Here, we guide you through the technologies to help you obtain optimal results for many common retinal conditions.

Low Vision

Low Vision Tools and Techniques You Should Know

An overview of concepts and resources used by primary eyecare providers and appropriate specialists to ease patients’ visual impairments.


Create and Define Success in Myopia Management

To succeed in this new area of optometric care, consider resolving the following issues to take the next step in handling these patients.

Lifestyle Changes and Challenges in Myopia Management

How to counsel patients on adopting good habits to survive growing up in the digital age, using evidence-based recommendations.

Myopia Management: A 10-Step Plan for Success

What can seem overwhelming to start is broken down using practical advice and an outline to implement the most widespread form of control: corrective lenses.

The Lowdown on Low-dose Atropine

It’s been proven effective, but the optimal concentration remains a matter of debate and sourcing from compounding pharmacies comes with concerns over quality and efficacy.


Reveal Hidden Retinal Disease Using FAF Imaging

This marker of metabolic activity lights up what’s beneath the surface.

The Wild and Woolly World of Anti-VEGF in 2023

A once-simple treatment protocol has gotten more sophisticated—and complicated—by novel drug compounds, varied dosing regimens and sustained-release delivery methods. Here’s the current state of affairs.


Advanced Procedures

Spasms, Twitches and Other Eyelid Glitches

Botox can be a safe and effective option for facial muscle contractions.


Stress Less, YAWMAO More

Use this catchphrase in your next crazy encounter.

Clinical Quandaries

Hard Knocks

Pay special attention to a patient’s ocular health after they experience a head injury.

Cornea and Contact Lens Q & A

Herpes Helper

Oral antivirals are safe and resistance is low, but immunosuppressed patients may need IV versions in severe cases.

Diagnostic Quiz

Split the Difference

Should you worry about the current or future status of an eye that presents like this?

Ocular Surface Review

Call the Exterminator

A new eye drop, Xdemvy, shows positive results in wiping out the unusually common condition known as Demodex blepharitis.

Call the Exterminator

A new eye drop, Xdemvy, shows positive results in wiping out the unusually common condition known as Demodex blepharitis.


Baby Boom

The next generation of optometrists is transforming the profession—and our publication.

Retina Quiz

You've Got Some Nerve

A hospital visit identified alarming signs for this patient.

The Essentials

Electrify Your Exams

ERGs document neuronal function—and dysfunction—in retinal conditions to aid differential diagnosis and monitor progression.

Through My Eyes

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Some truly original inventions come from the most simple ideas.

Urgent Care

The Great Masquerader

Due to its widely varying presentation, syphilis often flies beneath the radar.

You Be the Judge

Stuck on Third

Getting the correct diagnosis is like a triple in baseball; it doesn’t always score a run.