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A Game Plan for Treating Corneal Infections

Due to the cornea’s role in protecting the eye, it is commonly injured in trauma, resulting from a multitude of etiologies as discussed. With prompt care and treatment, these conditions can be managed and visual acuity can be preserved.

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Lurking in the Shadows

Would you refer for supplemental testing under these circumstances?

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Dry Eye Catalysts Found in All Walks of Life

A mammoth report from TFOS will document how patients’ ordinary daily activities manifest and perpetuate the disease, and how clinicians can guide them toward better choices.
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Vascular Variations

The body’s peripheral vascular network is composed of arteries, veins and capillaries, each of which exhibit unique characteristics contributing to their function. The eye, like every other organ in the body, contains both an arterial and a venous system in order to adequately deliver oxygen and nutrients to and from ocular structures and eliminate waste. Regardless of which organ is discussed, all blood vessels throughout the body possess similar anatomical properties. Identifying their distinguishing anatomical features makes us one step closer to understanding the various ocular pathologies that arise as a result of systemic vascular disorders.

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Give It a Shot

A new treatment for early dry AMD can slow lesion progression. This elevates the role of the OD in disease detection.

Q: I have a patient with early geographic atrophy (GA) of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) that I have followed for years and told her there is no treatment. I am hearing that a new medication has been approved, and would like to know when to refer and what to expect when comanaging? 

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2023 Office Design Contest: A Call For Entries

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May 15, 2023


Assessing Eyelid Health in Dry Eye Patients

We dive into the role abnormalities and meibomian gland dysfunction play in development and progression.

How Contact Lenses Contribute to Dry Eye

Learn about their impact on the fragile structure of the tear film, which patients are at greatest risk and the options available to alleviate symptoms.

Keeping an Eye Out for Lacrimal Gland Abnormalities

Understanding how these issues present and their potential implications is critical for prompt treatment and positive patient outcomes.

Pediatric Exams Made Easy

Make a big impact with our smaller patients and take the time to address their visual needs.

When Psych Issues Manifest in Your Patient

How to properly handle mental health conditions, such as depression, abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, that may arise during an exam.


Drink Up

Hydrating the whole body—not just the eyes—is key to improving the ocular surface.

Spot the Problem

What do these distinctive lesions represent?

Give It a Shot

A new treatment for early dry AMD can slow lesion progression. This elevates the role of the OD in disease detection.

Glaucoma Care: Easing the Pressure

Two new products are bound to simplify treatment regimens for your patients.

Innovations, Part Two

These products are making an impact in the eyecare world.

It Don’t Come Easy

Dry eye patients who want to reduce their symptoms need to take at least some action of their own instead of expecting you to solve it all.

Lose that Lump

Intralesional injection can help patients who want a less invasive option for treating their chalazion.

Lurking in the Shadows

Would you refer for supplemental testing under these circumstances?

Put Your Foot Down

Arguably the most important organ, your feet deserve all the care in the world if they’re going to carry you around it.

Seeing Both Sides of It

Is this patient’s ocular asymmetry a cause for concern? If so, what is the appropriate course of action?

Tiny Red Flag, Big Issue

An external injury nearly disguised an intraocular foreign body.

Vascular Variations

Brush up on the fundamental differences between arteries, veins and capillaries and how each feeds the eye.


Practice Pearls

Expert clinician Paul Karpecki, OD, provides practical insights and management strategies for a wide array of ocular conditions.

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